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  • Pupil - You came to our school today, I just wanted you to know I thought you lot were so inspirational and gave us a great day. 
  • Staff – A fantastic day at Sirius Academy, both staff and students enjoyed it. Well done to all involved.
  • They admired Carol for sharing such a tragic event with us and how this has greatly affected their decision making when it comes to driving - for the rest of their lives (staff and students). 
  • I felt That the Lady from SCARD Was Amazingly calm in all the hurt she had been through and to tell a story as touching as that without breaking down in tears takes a lot of courage, i even asked her for a hug Thank you For coming into my school and explaining all of these things i never new about the law.
  • I thought today was useful. I was moved by the “SCARD” workshop, it made me think about careless driving and how some people mistreat the roads. In all i would say today has been useful and very interesting.
  • Today was fantastic SCARD touched me so much I ended up crying, thanks for giving me an opportunity this has been a life changing experience thank you sooo soo much.
  • The day was extremely useful I especially found interesting meeting the woman from s.c.a.r.d because these were hard Hitting and think it would be good if the day was made up of more of That sort of stuff. Thanks.