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Planning a Fundraiser

Once you have chosen your event, here are some hints and tips to make it a success.

The key word is PLANNING – allow plenty of time to look at the various aspects of the challenge that lies before you. Discuss with friends, colleagues, and management how easily the event can be organised.

• Do we have the people to make all parts of the project run smoothly?
• Will the event cost us anything to get off the ground?
• Arrange a date
• What resources do we need?
• How do we publicise the event?
• What can go wrong?
• Get a celebrity (there are generally celebrities in your local area, or people who may give their time)
• Publicising the event

Your event must be well publicised if it is to be a success.

At work:

• Advertise on work notice boards or in the company magazine/newsletter
• Announce the event at briefings
• Spread the news by word of mouth

At home:

• Leaflets to families or local suppliers
• Announcements on local radio stations or in the local paper
• Notices placed in public places in the community; for example, surgeries, libraries or local shops

Collecting Sponsor Money

SCARD provides the following for fundraisers;
• A safe and secure way for people to sponsor you online by providing a PayPal 'Donate' button.
• Printed versions of sponsorship forms sent out in the post for those who do not use the internet
• A page on our website , with details including a table showing online and offline sponsors to date.

For further information, please call us on 01484 723 649 or email us at: