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Alan Hayden-Fish - 25/06/52 - 31/07/07

Alan was a happy, enjoy life to the full man, loved by all who ever met him, he had many interests, and I will always remember 18 wonderful months we lived on a small holding and tried to live the \"good Life\" we got nick named tom and barbara from the programme,as we grew all our vegatables , alan built our huge greenhouse with waste wood and plastic sheeting, nothing was ever wasted, we had pigs turkeys, ducks, chickens, and often visited swaffam market, alan could never be left alone long because if he did wander off at the market , I could depend on him coming back with something, one day he took the car and arranged to meet me back at the cafe, low and behold their were 12 turkey chicks on the back seat, his reponse was. \"well, thought they needed a good home\", that was alan, kind, generous, and loving man who helped anyone who asked for it, he loved bee keeping, and adored our dogs, ben ruby and charlie,

he worked in london on the buses and used his motorbike to travel in daily, his shifts were quite early and on the 31st of july at 4am he was travelling on the A1 M to london, prior to him reaching junction 10, a car with 4 young men , who had been out partying that evening changed the course of many lives, the driver who was 17 years old fell asleep at the wheel and hit the central reservation several times until his car came to a standstill in the centre of the road, all 4 got out and climbed the bank on the hard shoulder, then the devastation followed, a white van came and saw the car at the last moment and veered off, alan was travelling behind the van and for him it was too late, he hit the car and I was told he was thrown off his motorbike and landed the other side of the car, a scania lorry followed and pushed the car, plus alan down the road, the police officer who attended said it was like a war zone, alan was pronounced dead at the scene, I had to go to the hospital to identify alan, I will never forget that time for as long as I live, it is burnt into my memory and returns time and time again like a torture.15 months has passed and the pain of that day remains.

the young man went to crown court and was charged with death by dangerous driving, it came to light that he had been on drugs that night which was NOT spoken about in court as the barrister said they had to have the proof,and he was NOT tested that morning of the accident. 
he got 18 months in a youth detention centre, and banned from driving for 3 years. 
I have no faith left in the law anymore, words were said...they will take into account his age, his past history, what about my husband alan who has been deprived of his life, future, family, friends.we all mourn him deeply and have to live with the fact he never got justice at all. I will remain angry because the law system that we all look toward, let Alan and all who knew him down very badly. 
I leave this candle in the memory of Alan and hope and pray he is at peace.we love and miss him deeply. your wife Linda x