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Alison Walsh - Died 1986

Alison was 16 when she and her boyfriend were knocked down and killed by a drunk driver on Cantril Farm l28 (now Stockbridge village) the man who killed them got banned from driving for I think was a year, we were only 16 our selves and didnt go into this side of things,we just knew that a lovely friend and her new boyfriend met a terrible death. Her poor family were devastated, and had to be rehoused as thekilling had occured outside her own home. It makes me sad to think that shes missed her growingup years, and we area friend less. My own daughter is now 16 and to think this is the age that Alison was killed brings it all back to me. She was pure and innocent and she didnt choose to die that night, the man who killed her did choose, he chose to drink and drive, and so there fore he chose to kill, there are no excuses,he makes me sick to my stomach to think what hes done, I hope it haunts him every day of his life