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Benjiman - 22/09/89 - 25/08/97

my life change for ever on the 25 of august 1997 ben had just had is bike two days when he was run over by a double decker bus at first i thouht he had broken is leg it was my other son and dauter what came screming at the door mom ben as been run over when i ran up the road there were lots of people around him by that time is dad was there i carnt realy rember much as people were pulling me back it realy upsets me because i never got the chance to tell ben how much i loved him thay took ben me and his dad to the halifax hospital we had to wait out side the room while all the doctors and nurses were seeing to him i carnt rember how long it was but a doctor came out and said thay were transfering ben to leeds infirmary i c u me and is dad had to follow when we got there the doctors told us ben had hit is little head so hard of the bus he had a fratured scull bleeding a clot and some brain damage but thay give us hope he is a strong lad we sat by is bed for four days thay did such a lot to him but by the fourth day is little haert had stoped but thay got it going again then thay did some test on him and thay said he was brain dead could thay have permision to switch of is live support i think it is the hardist thing a perent as to do me and is dad held him untill the angels came for him he pasted away on his brother and sisters birthday sadly is brother gareth who was 20 went to look after ben 23 months after we will always love and miss you both love mom dad and family xxxxxx