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Colin James Corbett - 01/02/75 - 23/03/08

James was an amazing man who would do anything for anyone..Not everyone is perfect in this life and it took James and I a few times to face that and have a fallen out for a brief min...James left to go out BC and at the time we were fighting a bit and we broke up..he left to escape and I was so angry at him..He called me days before he pased away and I said so many mean things to him that I never ment to say..I never knew it was my last time having any contact with him things I said would have been different..On Eas ter Sunday James was killed in a head on collision thousands of miles away from me and there was nothing I could do..I fell in to this guilty and raged feeling ..because we were broke up at the time his family would not let myself or the children at his wake, funeral or the buriel They don't know the empty feeling I have in my heart and the sadden I feel everyday ...You know I love you sweet heart and I am sorry I never got to say all the things I wanted to say..but one thing I said I love you....I ment it...