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Dale Stoakes - 14/12/1982 - 19/9/2000

Dale was the best son any mum could wish for. So loving and kind, truck and motorbike crazy. Dale rode bikes from the age of two, and at the time of his death was well into moto x racing. Whenever he left the house he always gave me a hug and a kiss and told me he loved me.On Monday 18 September 2000 my husband came to the shop where I worked trying to talk to me but each time he tried he broke down I was screaming at him to tell me what was wrong eventually he told me Dales dead. I honestly thought the dog was dead as she was old, you never dream it can be your child. We drove straight to the hospital where they took us to see him i screamed to wake him up. Although he'd been in a road accident he just looked so asleep, he had to be, a few hours before he'd kissed me and told me he loved me. It was only when i hugged him and he felt so cold i realised he must be dead, my lovely child gone forever. Dale was on his way to work just 50 yards away when a car overtook another car the roads are so narrow he had to swerve to miss the car but because the roads were wet dale skidded and went straight under the car hitting his chest and crushing his insides i can now say after all these years luckily he was killed instantly and did not suffer, if you understand my meaning, at the time i just wished i could have said goodbye but if that meant him suffering ill live with that or is the word cope? Dales inquest was not heard for 6 months and for some reason the coroner forgot to contact us to inform us of the date. It was only after i got no reply from his endless messages i left on his answer phone i rang the hospital, that they contacted the coroners office that he contacted me to say sorry. How can a sorry ever replace the last minutes of my sons life. He told me he would send me free of charge copies of the hearing. He sure kept to his word and also enclosed a copy of dales autopsy why would any parent want to read that.Its hard to believe such a supposed to be professional person can be so heartless, the inquest was accidental death. I did contact a solicitor who said it may cost £2000 to look into it all but still get the same result so it was left alone. not a day goes by even a minute i still don't think of dale i love him and miss him so much. The coroner lost his job about a year later. these things also teach us we never know whats round the corner .its almost six years since we lost him but it never gets further away it always seams like it happened yesterday.

Your in our thought and hearts forever son love you xxxxx