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Daniel Michel - 16/04/81 - 26/04/08

My son Daniel, my step-grandson Elliot and my son's friend Karen from Germany were visiting me in Thailand. Daniel had been waiting for Karen to arrive as her train from Bangkok had been delayed. They left my house after chatting about Australia where they had met the previous year, to go into Hua Hin to meet friends. A driver, who was described as driving 'eratically' moved to the wrong side of the road causing my car to swerve. A bus then ploughed into my car killing all three pas sengers almost instantly; they had only left the house ten minutes before. They were all 27 years old, beautiful people who had everything to live for. Little was done to apprehend the driver of the unknown car and the bus which was reputedly nearly 200 feet from the incident (the bus driver described in detail)and travelling at only 60 kph, neither slowed or took evasive action to avoid the accident. It seems that tragedy has no boundaries and strikes all over the world; where is the justice for those who have been killed. Three families and hundreds of relatives and friends in four countries have been left heartbroken and devastated by this accident.