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Daniel Richard Debenham - 20/4/77 - 26/8/95

Daniel was a lovely lad, he had a great sense of humour and was always ready to make others laugh, so much so that he was always getting into trouble at school for not paying attention. He was a caring person and had a very soft heart. He loved animals and was always very sad when he heard of anyone being cruel to them. When he was younger he always watched "Lassie" on the television Lassie had no home and would walk off into the sunset on her own looking for her owners. He would always cry his eyes out, because he felt sorry for her.

As he grew up Daniel became a very handsome young man. He was 6" 4 tall and had lovely blonde hair and blue eyes. We always said he would break many a girls heart. Little did I know it would be my heart. He was a very fit lad and loved every kind of sport. He played rugby for Illingworth and played football very week and watched as much football as possible on television He played snooker and pool with his mates as he got older and he even used to play darts with me at home some nights. He was an excellent swimmer and enjoyed going to the local pool. He loved life and made the best of it.

He worked at a local kitchen makers and had lots of mates with whom he would go out every weekend. They used to go into the town where they would have a few drinks and then go on to the local nightclub. He loved his music and had many records and CD's. He was full of fun and life.

The night Daniel was killed he hadn't gone into town as he usually did, he had been invited to a party in a nearby village. He had gone with his friend Andrew. There were a lot of people at the party and at the end of the night one of the partygoers asked Daniel and his friend if they wanted a lift home. Daniel had the sense to ask the lad who had offered the lift how much he had had to drink and the lad told him he had only one can, so Daniel and Andrew, believing him, accepted the offer. Only five minutes after leaving the party, the car carrying our son Daniel and his friend Andrew, crashed into a public house and then into a lamp post. Andrew and the driver were injured but Daniel was killed instantly. He was just 18 years old.

Daniel and his mates always got taxies home from town and if there were no taxies available, he knew he could always ring his dad to be picked up, but on that dreadful Friday night in August 1995, Daniel was very trusting and had no reason to think the person who had offered the lift could have been telling lies about the amount of alcohol he had drunk. Had he not been so trusting he would have rung home to ask his dad to pick him and Andrew up.

For the person that killed Daniel through his drinking and driving, what started out as a bit of an untruth turned into something worse. Through his drinking and driving and his lies he ended Daniel's life.