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Hadara Rebeka Fox - 20/7/85 - 18/11/97

Hadara was a normal, happy 12 year old. She was well known around the area as the girl with the curly hair who never stopped smiling and laughing. She used to spend a lot of time visiting people in our street to try to help them out if she could, it didn’t matter if that was a mum with a young baby or an elderly neighbour. She loved to get involved with anything that was going on. Hadara loved pop music especially the Spice Girls, Wet Wet Wet, and Gary Barlow.

Our house was never quiet when Hadara was about. She would spend hours with her friends making up dance routines and plays which they would put on for our pleasure. She was a born entertainer and to be honest I’m not sure what she liked the best about it,our watching her or she watching the enjoyment on our faces.

She also played a baritone in our local youth brass band. Hadara was a keen swimmer and had passed many certificates in both swimming and life saving. She was a girl guide and used to enjoy going off on camps and doing all the things that went with the territory, i.e. telling stories by torch light when she should have been sleeping. Normal things that girls do.

She loved horse riding and would spend many a happy hour up at the stables caring for the animals. She always made time though to take her dog Abie for walks before and after school. She went to our local high school and enjoyed English, History and Art. She hated Math's with a passion and let us all know it.

She used to say it would be boring if we all liked the same things and she was right. She was happy and loving every minute of her life and I am glad that she had that attitude.

November 15th 1997 was a Saturday. The day started just like any other day. But it was to change every one who knew Hadara forever. Mum was desperately trying to complete the decorating in the small bedroom. She was determined to finish it that day. Hadara went on a shopping trip into Huddersfield that morning with her Dad. She had seen a new Spice Girls poster and had decided that she had to have it. She also needed some new felt tips. In fact a typical 12 year olds shopping list.

She also delivered newspapers for the local newsagents She turned up at the shop early. She was very aware of her responsibilities and wanted to get the papers delivered. She could then go home to re-arrange the posters on the walls of her bedroom, making space for the new Spice Girls poster she was so proud of. Her best friend Kelly was going to help her with the posters and so accompanied Hadara on her paper round.

The girls finished in good time and made their way to Hadara’s home. They had to cross the busy Manchester Road to get there. Both girls were well versed in road safety and were extremely careful in checking that the road was clear and safe to cross. They both started to cross, Kelly being slightly in front, just a matter of a step or two. Suddenly a car appeared from nowhere travelling well in excess of the speed limit. It struck Hadara at an estimated speed of no less than 43mph. The vehicle left a 90yard skid mark on the road before hitting Hadara. The speed limit for the area was 30mph!

Someone ran to her home to inform her Mum that Hadara had been knocked down. Mum arrived moments later. Hadara was taken to the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. Where she had emergency surgery. She was then transferred to the Leeds General Infirmary and placed in intensive care for monitoring.

Many tests were carried out on Hadara over the next 72hours. (72 hours is the time medical staff have to wait before brain stem tests can be carried out). After the time had elapsed the brain stem test proved conclusively that nothing else could be done for this beautiful child, and her life support machine was switched off.

The driver was charged with Driving without Due Care and Attention. He was fined £180 and received 7 points on his licence.

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