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John Paul McMurray - 05/07/72 - 29/08/93

John Paul was serving in Germany with the Royal Engineers, Him and his friend were passengers in another soldiers car who had offered them a lift, the German police had stopped the car at 3.30am and warned the driver about his speed, but at 3.35am he lost control of the car on a bend and collided with a articulated lorry. All three boys died at the scene. It was the worst nightmare any mother has to go through, when you get that knock on your door. It was 16 days later before the funeral could take place,as it took the army two weeks to bring him home, that was the longest time of my life, a time of limbo nobody should have to endure. John Paul was a good caring young man who took a lift from someone with a reputation for reckless driving, unfortunately people like that never just take their own lives they always seem to take others with them. Sadly my son was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and my other children and I all now need to live our lives with the concequences of that. \"having to grieve for him for the rest of our lives\" our lives will never be complete or truly happy again.