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Lily and Luke were so cute the day they were born the first twins in our family to be born on christmas day, 
They were are cute babys,

Me[Nikki]and my partner[Chris]took the twins home when they were 1 day old,

It was new years eve and my mate Kerri sed she would look aftre the twins so me and Chirs could got out for a bit so we did we went out till 
when we went back Kerri had Luke in the carseat rocking him to sleep and Lily in her arms feeding her,

we took them off her and she went home to her kids,

we put the twins to bed and we woke up at 9 and by 12in the afternoon the twins wanted to got to sleep so we put Lily to bed and Luke they wee a sleep for 1 hour luke woke up but lily didnt she Died of cot death at 5 days old

rip my baby girl