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Oliver Jordan - 25/11/07 to 20/12/07

Oliver passed away in his mum's arms on 20th December 2007 - for his mum's tribute, please click here.

If you have lost a son or daughter, you may find that The Compassionate Friends may also be able to help and support you in your time of loss.


More Tributes

Oliver was only a small baby he was 4lb when he was born,He cam home on the 26th of November, 
He meet his big sister Livvy For the fist time ever,Livvy kept on kissing him,But there was somtihng worng when we picked him up he would al ways cry,so we took him to the doctors he was a week old bye now,the doctors done some tests and then 2 days laters we got a call to go down to the doctor right away so we put Livvy(1)in her carseat and Oliver in his and we went to the doctors the dr looked at us and said your son has fbs(fragile bones symdrome)the dr said he will be ok tho so we took him home a few days wnet bye and he was falling asleep so Jordan put Oliver To Bed that night (16/12/07)he came down stairs turned the baby monitior on and sat down next to me he gave me a kiss and a cuddle and we wacthed a film together,at this time Livvy was sharing a room with Oliver,Livvy wasnt a very good sleeper she woke up to Oli choughing and we hearrd her crying and say Daddy so Jordan Went upstairs and then i heard him shout call 999,

When we got to the hospital Oliver was put in an incubatior with tube coming in and out of him, 
i was crying over Oli say "Oli wake up for mummy"

1 day went bye and the docotrs came in and said he cant hang on any more he wants to go, 
We got all are family together on the 17/12/07 and they switched of his life suport i couldnt watch them kill my Lil Baby boy i wanted to go home to his room and hug his stuff so we wnet home and 20minutes went bye and we got a call from the hospital they said come up here now Oliver started to breath on his own

he passed away on the 20th of december in mine and Jordans arms