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Robert John Bush - 18/08/82 - 02/06/07

Our beloved Rob was a truly special person who touched the lives of everybody he met, he was a wonderful free spirit, a wild child, full of fun and spreading laughter everywhere he went. He was always happy and smily and he would light up the darkest room just by walking into it. Wonderfully caring and supportive, Rob left a lasting impression on everyone who knew him. Nothing was ever too much to ask and he was always happy to help. He made every occasion memorable and will be misse d so much by so many. One of Rob’s many talents was his passion for guitars, he made beautiful music that was enjoyed by many. Rob cared deeply about his family and we couldn’t have loved him more. We are immensely proud of all he achieved in his short life, he had bought his first home just six months before he died, had a great career, a beautiful girlfriend, and also loved cars, bikes, fitness and was a fantastic cook. All our lives are brighter for having known Rob. We thank God for every day he spent with us and we hold him dear in our hearts until the day we meet again. 
life: Rob was born in Edgware Hospital at 7:15 am on 18th August 1982 weighing 7lb 13oz. He was a beautiful baby and was the image of his Dad. Like many children Rob had a very inquisitive mind and was always up to mischief! He loved to take things apart to find out how they worked. Many clocks, watches and radios were donated by family members much to Robs delight and he ha d great fun dismantling and rebuilding! He was a very fast learner and incredibly bright - all of life skills came naturally to him. He went on to become a very loving and protective brother to his younger sister Jenna (despite many punch-ups and blaming each other!) 
Rob was very popular and made many friends at school, our home was always full of children. This continued as he grew up and he had countless friends from all walks of life, all of whom were devastated by his loss.

Robs interests included a love of motorcycles and cars, particularly his Ford Capri, and he spent many hours stripping down and rebuilding to his own very high standards. Nutrition and body building was also important to Rob and he loved to impress family and friends with his culinary delights. Above all, though, Rob really loved his music and was truly happy when he had a guitar in his hands. He could make beautiful music and had his own unique style of playing - to all of us who loved him, he was our very own rock star!

Talking about love, Rob had finally found his soul mate in his beautiful girlfriend, Sam. They shared eight perfect months and Sam has enough happy memories to last a lifetime.

Rob’s winning ways were a huge inspiration to all who knew him - he made an impact on everyone he met. He was caring, considerate, sweet-natured, full of fun and mischief, and was without a doubt one of the greatest guys to walk the earth. He made a real difference to so many lives and nobody could say a bad word about our Rob. Jenna and I are so proud to have had him in our lives - he really made our world a better place.

Memories of Rob

Not an hour passes, when I don’t think of you, 
Cherishing the memories of things you used to do, 
Smiling at the funny things you’ve said throughout the years, 
And trying to be strong as my eyes fill up with tears.

You were such a special person Rob, such fun to have around, 
Everyone adored you, you were absolutely sound, 
Known as “Mr. Funny Guy”, your happy smily face, 
Would touch the hearts of all you met and light the darkest place.

Whatever I am doing, you’re always on my mind, 
You’ve left the sweetest memories and thoughts of you behind. 
Those memories are priceless, they make me laugh and cry, 
And the love you left within my heart, impossible to buy.

There’s many lovely people, but precious ones are few, 
Never in our lifetime will there be another you, 
I look up to the sky at night and all the stars that shine, 
And thank you for the love you brought into this heart of mine.

By Angie (Rob’s mum)

Superstar Bro - by Jenna (sis)

My relationship with Rob was irreplaceable, he was the best brother I could have asked for. He was fun, great at listening and giving advice, always fixing my car and helping me out. I relied on him for lots and had a unique bond with him, he was like a twin in ways and people always say I am the spitting image of him which gives me great comfort. Rob always surprised me at Christmas and on Birthdays with his silly gags and he always had time for me. I am so proud of Rob, he was a treasure and I am truly blessed to have had him as my bro. I know he is rocking in heaven having the time of his life, and I live for him now and gain comfort in the fact that I know he is looking down smiling and proud.

This song is dedicated to you from me Rob: Green Day (Time of your life)

I chose this as Rob took me to see my fave band (Green Day) for my birthday and we held hands as we left (he didn’t want to lose me!) whilst fireworks were going off as we were leaving. The words also seem to somehow sum this tragedy up in a self explanatory way,

Another turning point a fork stuck in the road 
Time grabs you by the wrist directs you as you go 
So make the best of this test and don’t ask why 
Its not a question but a lesson learned in time 
Its something unpredictable, But in the end is right 
I hope you had the time of your life

So take the photographs and still frames in your mind 
Hang them on a shelf in good health and good time 
Tattoo’s and memories and dead skin on trial 
For what’s its worth it was worth all the while 
Its something unpredictable but in the end is right 
I hope you had the time of your life

A poem for Rob:

No one heard the footsteps 
Of angels drawing near 
Who took from earth to heaven 
You Rob who we love dear 
You haven’t really left us 
Or even travelled far 
Just entered God’s beautiful garden 
And left the door ajar…….


Rock on Rob!!