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Thomas Hutton - 07/06/90 - 11/06/06

A dear son and brother was taken away from us Just a few short months ago by some stupid, careless teenager. Our son, whilst inocently walking on a pavement, was killed by a nineteen year old who had no driving leicense or insurance and who was driving too fast. Five months later we are still waiting to see if this driver will acually be charged with anything and be made accountable for our sons death. We don't wish him dead, we just want to see him take resposibilty,and be punished for what his carlessness has done to our family and friends.

We would like him to know how many people he as affected. There is a friend who was walking along beside Tom when the car hit,who has to live everyday with the thought that that could of been him, mourning the loss of a dear friend, there is a best freind who mourns the loss of his Bruv, there is a comunity of friends and neighbours too many to count, who are mourning the loss of a friend, there are 2 granmothers mourning the loss of a grandson, there are 7 aunts and 6 uncles mourning the loss of a much loved nephew, there are 12 cousins morning the loss of a young fun loving cousin, there is a sister mourning the loss of a little brother, there are 2 brothers mouning the loss of ther big brother and there is a mother and father mourning the loss of there wonderful, beautiful and loving son.

Our hearts are all broken it is hard to carry on, all our lives have been affected in such a sad and cruel way by one person flouting the law and not having any consideration or feelings for any one but themselves. We just hope he realises that and learns.