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Thomas A Robinson - 14/09/50 - 30/12/06

This is the life story of my beloved husband Tom

Born in London on 14th of September 1950, the son of Eric and Joyce, Tom was about 3 when he moved to Bracknell, so he went to the local school Wick Hill. He made friends for life and got up to all the usual mischief. He also leaves a brother Ken.

Tom was a Television engineer by trade, then a computer engineer and more recently a courier driver.

Toms 1st marriage was to Cath and they had 2 children Tony and Anita, they divorced and tom met and married Lynne they had 1 child Christine. Sadly Christine died when she was 11.

Tom met Karen and had Jacque.
Tom met and married Julie in 1995 they met through their daughters.
Tom was a good father to his and julies children and was a grandfather to 6 grandchildren.

Tom was a genuine person who would help anyone anytime and everyone knew he was the one to ask, he was emotionally supportive and you could turn to him and he would listen and not judge.

He saw the best in people even when they let him down.
He had a wicked sence of humour and was a great fan of monty Python. Tom got up to all sorts af mischief at work he was a wind up merchant and was usually the ring leader and he probably should have known better where electrics were concerned.
His interests were all speed related Speed boats he owned a few over the years, water-skiing and fast cars and he was fanatical about the Grand Prix he was also into Pink Floyd.
On December 30th 2006 Tom walked to our local shop and he was knocked down and killed while crossing the road on a zebra crossing.
The driver never slowed down and only braked after he had hit him.He was taken to hospital and 3 hours later I had to watch as they turned of his life suport machine. A big part of me died at that moment

I would describe Tom not only as my husband but also as my best friend, and i miss him so much.