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BBC Breakfast Interview Sarah Campbell and Ben Thompson

John Scruby and Andy Cox interview on BBC Breakfast show 3rd December 2023

John Scruby from SCARD and CADD talks to LBC's Lewis Goodall July 2023

John discusses the rising cases of drink and drug driving across the UK and the fact that the legal limit was originally set back in the 1960's.

Huge thanks to Rotary Club of Horbury and Ossett Phoenix

We are a self funded charity which means we apply for funding pots when they come available. We do not always meet the criteria and we may not always recieve all that we apply for due to the amount of bids they receive but we were lucky to be one of the charities/ organisations that were picked by the Rotary Club of Horbury and Ossett Phoenix. We were invited to their presentation yesterday, we were greeted by Horbury Victoria Band which were fantastic. The cakes, buns and biscuits were supplied by Rich and Fancy cupcakes and coffee shop in Horbury, they were delicious. Thank you!!

Love Island star Dami Hope slammed for filming himself while driving on the road

Dami Hope has been slammed for appearing to use his phone to film himself while driving. The Dubliner, 27, who was one of the first to appear on season eight of Love Island, has come under fire after footage apparently showed him taking both hands off the steering wheel and even filming out of his sunroof.

Sharing the short clip with his 776,000 Instagram followers, Dami captioned it: “Summer soon land.” In the video the Love Island star, who came third on the show last year with his girlfriend Indiyah Polack, first shows off the steering wheel of his Mercedes. He then filmed himself in the rear view mirror, holding up his mobile phone, before showing off the weather through his sunroof.

Dami’s actions have been slammed by road safety campaigners.

John Scruby, trustee of UK road charity CADD and SCARD has blasted the reality star for using his phone, citing it as one of the four most common causes of fatal collisions.

He told the Mirror: "Mobile phone use whilst driving has been proven to be a dangerous practice."

"It seems we have yet another 'celebrity' who thinks he is above the law. For someone in this guy's position, he really should be considering how his actions could be interpreted to his social media followers as 'normal'.

"[Using a mobile phone] is one of the four main causes of serious injury and fatal collisions, along with excessive and inappropriate speed, failing to wear a seat belt and drink or drug driving."

John Scruby from SCARD and CADD talks to BBC Hereford and Worcester's Toni McDonald April 2023

We are not being critical of the police investigation, the circumstances of the crash are rare and the legal position is that an unborn child cannot be classed as a victim. The highest prosecution level open to the police was to issue a fixed penalty fine for a defective tyre! There has been much said in the interviews about a victim impact statement, but one wouldn't have been taken in this case as it was never going to Court.


SCARD and CADD are proud to be supporting #projectEDWARD and John - one of our trustees - and his grandson Luke were due to attend an event, but unfortunately were not able to. Luke is sponsored by SCARD and CADD in his racing career. At just 16, he cannot yet drive on public roads. This interview was conducted by James Luckhurst of #ProjectEDWARD.

James started by asking 'how can motor racing be associated with road safety and in particular young drivers?

BBC Midlands TV with Mary Rhodes

Over the last few weeks investigations have been going on since a mother lost her unborn baby as a result to a road traffic collision, the court guidelines state a unborn child cannot be considered a victim. This case in fact did not reach a court hearing and was instead dealt with a fixed penalty notice for a vehicle defect. The parents quite naturally feel let down by the system and have begun a campaign to have the law changed. This is not the first time that a bereaved parent has not had the opportunity to have a Victim Impact Statement considered prior to sentencing. This was our reaction to the news.

John Scruby from SCARD and CADD talks to Mike Ziolek on BBC Radio Kent, April 2023

How do we stop drivers speeding? John discusses with Mike Ziolek on BBC Radio Kent.

John Scruby from SCARD and CADD talks to Andy Collins on BBC Sounds, April 2023

John talks about the potential consequences for people who use their phones whilst driving.

John Scruby from SCARD and CADD talks to Colin Murray on BBC Sounds, January 2023

John discusses the menace of street racers, an anti-social driving problem that affects people throught the UK.

John Scruby from SCARD and CADD talks to Allison Frens on BBC Radio Sussex, October 2022

John talks about the lack of stronger sentencing and the loss of the traditional 'traffic cop'.

John Scruby from SCARD and CADD talks to Nick Ferrari on LBC, April 2022

John talks about the lack of stronger sentencing of drink driving offenders

John Scruby from SCARD and CADD talks to Ian Collins on BBC Talk Radio, April 2022

John discusses the rise in drug driving

Judge spares Katie Price prison for driving drunk, banned and high in NINTH offence

John Scruby, a trustee of the Campaign Against Drink Driving charity, told MailOnline: 'I'm absolutely gobsmacked, I just cannot believe it, I really can't. It's unbelievable, it really is."

'It's a smack in the teeth for anybody else - the last figures we received were that over 270 people each day are in court all over the UK for drink driving. They're going to prison and not getting a suspended sentence.

'It's completely the wrong message, and it's a kick in the teeth when a responsible person like a magistrate can look at that and think it's worthy of a 16-week suspended sentence.'

Mr Scruby, a former traffic officer who attended more than 30 drink-drive deaths, added: 'I'd like to think that anybody else that was in there would have been looking at a custodial sentence for what she's done.

'Sixteen weeks is way, way, way below the recommended minimum sentence, and I don't know how the magistrates can look at themselves tonight and say they've done their job, because they haven't. She's very, very lucky, very lucky indeed - and there will be another time, unless this spoilt little princess grows up.'

Carole Whittingham talks to LBC's Nick Ferrari about Katie Price's sentencing

SCARD has been awarded the Queen's Award for Voluntary service!

A huge 'well done' to all the team and volunteers who help SCARD. We have been awarded The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service (QAVS) - it's the highest award given to local volunteer groups across the UK.

Created in 2002 to celebrate the anniversary of the Queen's Coronation, it is the MBE for volunteer groups and is awarded for life.


John Scruby from SCARD and CADD talks to Mike Zeller on BBC Radio Cumbria, April 2021

John Scruby on BBC Radio Cumbria, April 2021


Rapper 'Jay' has written and recorded a song that highlights the seriousness and consequences of drink driving.

John Scruby from SCARD and CADD talks to Howard Pressman on BBC Radio Sheffield, March 2020

John Scruby on BBC Radio Sheffield, March 2020

SCARD are looking for Helpline Volunteers to join their team!!

Our aim is to help relieve distress among people who have been bereaved, injured or affected by road death or injury. To provide emotional support through a telephone helpline, support groups and personal support system.

You can volunteer from your own home.

We would love to hear from you. We offer training and support to everyone selected.

For an informal chat about volunteering on our Helpline or for more information and an application form please contact us by calling SCARD on 01924 562252 or email on the link below:

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